Index for Social Science, Welfare, Recreation, Insurance Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-0193 Archeology 8
*GS-0160 Civil Rights Analysis 1
*GS-0020 Community Planning (none)
*GS-0021 Community Planning Technician (none)
*GS-0119 Economics Assistant 3
*GS-0110 Economist 48
*GS-0120 Food Assistance Program Specialist (none)
*GS-0190 General Anthropology (none)
*GS-0090 Guide and Assistant 19
*GS-0107 Health Insurance Administration 14
*GS-0170 History 1
*GS-0142 Manpower Development 1
*GS-0140 Manpower Research and Analysis 2
*GS-0023 Outdoor Recreation Planning 1
*GS-0180 Psychology 92
*GS-0181 Psychology Aid and Technician 10
*GS-0189 Recreation Aid and Assistant 83
*GS-0188 Recreation Specialist 10
*GS-0105 Social Insurance Administration 5
*GS-0101 Social Science 75
*GS-0102 Social Science Aid and Technician 20
*GS-0199 Social Science Student Trainee 5
*GS-0187 Social Services 3
*GS-0186 Social Services Aid and Assistant 13
*GS-0185 Social Work 143
*GS-0184 Sociology (none)
*GS-0030 Sports Specialist 5
*GS-0106 Unemployment Insurance 1

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