Index for Personnel Management, Industrial Relations Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-0243 Apprenticeship and Training 1
*GS-0246 Contractor Industrial Relations (none)
*GS-0235 Employee Development (none)
*GS-0230 Employee Relations (none)
*GS-0260 Equal Employment Opportunity 18
*GS-0361 Equal Opportunity Assistance (none)
*GS-0360 Equal Opportunity Compliance 3
*GS-0270 Federal Retirement Benefits (none)
*GS-0244 Labor Management Relations Examining (none)
*GS-0233 Labor Relations (none)
*GS-0241 Mediation (none)
*GS-0204 Military Personnel Clerical and Tech (none)
*GS-0205 Military Personnel Management (none)
*GS-0222 Occupational Analysis (none)
*GS-0203 Personnel Clerical and Assistance 64
*GS-0201 Personnel Management 142
*GS-0299 Personnel Management Student Trainee 2
*GS-0212 Personnel Staffing (none)
*GS-0221 Position Classification (none)
*GS-0223 Salary and Wage Administration (none)
*GS-0249 Wage and Hour Compliance (none)

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