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We are the only resume service on the web whose entire team has high-level Federal HR experience. Our writers know what works because they sat on the screening panels that will be judging your resume.

Our team has judged job candidates and written resumes for job candidates at every career level and in every occupational category. The resumes they have judged or written number in the thousands. We know what standards apply to the jobs you want and how to present your qualifications to meet those standards. In short we give you the insider's advantage.

Did you know, a Federal resume is the highest quality resume you can have? It is the gold-standard of resumes. This is because in Federal service the quality of the resume is the key criteria in deciding who gets the job. The job interview is decidedly secondary. That's why your Federal resume will also work great for private sector jobs.

In other words, don't try to use your private sector resume for a Federal job. Do the opposite. Get a great Federal resume and use it for any job of interest to you, Federal or private sector. The offers should come pouring in.

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