Vol. 27 No.14

USDA Opens Food Inspectors Nationwide

Concern about safety of the nation's food supply is leading to the hiring of more food inspectors. Job open in all areas. A $2500 recruitment bonus will be given to candidates accepting positions in southwest Kansas
At entry level inspectors need one year of qualifying experience including work in a retail business in food processing or as a cook. Written test is required.

Growing Demand For Mail and File Clerks

More than 11,080 are employed by all Agencies.

Environmental Protection Jobs Open In Multiple Agencies

Opens occur throughout the U.S. and many agencies.
For positions at the GS - 7 level, candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree.

Metal Mechanics Open at DOD Facilities Nationwide

Part-time and temporary jobs easiest to find. Many lead to permanent positions.

Computer Scientists and Archeology Aids and Technicians Are Being Hired Nationwide

Medical Officers and Biological Aides and Technicians also being hired nationwide.

Engineers In Wide Demand by Many Agencies

Federal service offers engineers big projects and rapid advancement. Advanced salary schedules apply in many fields and geographic areas.
Recent grads in engineering given substantial responsibility quickly.
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