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Does Anyone Have a Cross Walk between My Military Job Title and Federal Job Titles?

Dear Advisor:

I will be mustering out of the military in June, after six years in the Air Force. I would like to obtain a Federal job that would allow me to use my military experience. I am currently in communications. Does the Federal government hire former military personnel for this type of job? How can I find a cross walk between military and Federal job titles. Will my military experience give me an edge over other applicants?

Also, what is the average salary for this type of position? Finally, how do I locate these job openings?

Randolf AFB, TX

Dear J.P.J.:

You have done well to consider Federal employment as a good opportunity for ex-military personnel. Your military service may well give you a preference in hiring. And, in addition, your military job experience will almost certainly help you qualify for many positions.

The first step in any Federal job search applies equally well to candidates with military backgrounds as it does to everyone else. Step one is to determine the Federal job titles for which you qualify. Federal job titles may or may not be similar to military or civilian job titles.

Information published by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) can be very helpful in this task. “Occupations of Federal White-Collar and Blue-Collar Workers” published by OPM is a good resource. You can obtain it on-line. Here’s the url for white-collar jobs: White Collar .  Use this for blue collar jobs Blue Collar

There are several occupations in the communications field open to a candidate with appropriate military experience. These Federal job titles include:

Blue Collar
Communications Line Installer/Repairer WG-2508-10

Telecommunications mechanic/Worker WG-2502-08/10/11

Wire Communications Cable Splicer/Inspector WG-2504-10/11

Wire Communications Equipment Mechanic WG-2500-11/14

Telecommunications Equipment Operator GS-0390-05/06/07

Telecommunications Interference Specialist GS-0392-09

Telecommunications Manager/Specialist GS -0391-05-15

Telecommunications Technician GS-0392-07/09

Telephone Control Coordinator GS-0303-05

White Collar
General Communications GS 2001-02/13

Communications Program Mgmt. GS 2003-05/15

Communications Clerical and Tech GS 2005-02/13

Communications Cataloging GS 2050-02/13

Communications Clerical GS-0394-02/13

Logistics Assistance Clerk GS-0303-02/13

Logistics Management Specialist GS-0346-05/15

As you can see from the wide WG or GS spread these jobs occur at entry level through middle and in some cases upper management. Your military experience would help you qualify above entry level.

How To Find Openings
Military personnel who are mustering out and looking for Federal positions should first contact their installation’s civilian personnel office and seek help from a staffing specialist there. Candidates should also scan the Federal Jobs Nationwide section of Federal Jobs Digest for current vacancies. Contacting individual Agencies in the geographic area of interest may also produce leads. The Agencies with the greatest number of employees in the communications field are the Department of Defense Agencies, State, and Treasury. However, these jobs occur in all Agencies.

Candidates can also contact their local Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for more information on openings. The OPM may be able to supply a list of Agencies in a specific geographic area—a metro or state—that hire in the job titles of interest to the candidate. OPM addresses can be found on-line .

Regarding the question of salary. Every Vacancy Announcement lists the salary range offered. Also the OPM Classifications discussed above, list the grade levels associated with the positions. The OPM provides on-line salary tables .

Veterans Preference
Any veteran who leaves the military with an honorable discharge is eligible for either Veterans Preference points or an advantage over other applicants through the Veterans Readjustment Act (VRA). The purpose of this program is to give Veterans a competitive advantage. More details on this program may also be found on-line .

To submit questions to the Federal Jobs Advisor, write to: Federal Jobs Advisor, Federal Jobs Digest, 1503 Radcliff Court, Newtown Square PA 19073. We regret that not all questions may be answered. •