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Medical Positions Currently Among Hottest Federal Jobs

The latest list of the Top 30 Hot Federal Jobs is topped by the positions of Medical Officer and Nurse with some 1694 current job postings between them.

The Hot 30 list includes professional, technical and support occupations in which hiring is widespread geographically.

Medical occupations followed closely by administrative and management positions top the list of Federal openings. Out of the thousands of Federal employment positions that exist only 30 occupations account for the great bulk of the hiring that has been occurring in recent months. These same occupations are expected to continue to be in heavy demand.

Good Job Prospects
Clearly the chances of being hired in one of these hot occupations are greater than in occupations with fewer openings. Almost all of these jobs are open to all U.S. citizens and do not require prior Federal or military service.

At the very top of the list are:
Medical Officer GS-0602
Registered Nurse GS-0610
Administrator GS-0301
IT Specialist GS-2210
Clerk & Assistant GS-0303
Program Analyst GS-0343
General Business GS-1101
Contracting GS-1102
Personnel Management GS-0201
Compliance Inspection GS-1802

Hot Occupation Groups
The complete list of 30 leading occupations appears at the end of this article. The list includes occupations in the following occupation groups:

Administration, Management Marketing
Engineering, Environment
Law Enforcement
Math, Science
Personnel Management

Blue Collar Positions
Hiring activity within the blue collar occupations is much lower than within white collar and professional occupations. The most active blue collar occupations are as follows:
WG-7408 Food Service Worker
WG-3566 Custodial Worker
WG-4749 Maintenance Mechanic
WG-8852 Aircraft Mechanic
WG-6907 Materials Handler
WG-7404 Cook
WG-5703 Motor Vehicle Operator WG-2805 Electrician
WG-5716 Engineering Equipment Operator
WG-3502 Labor

Following is a review of the qualifications needed for the top 10 occupations all of which are white collar jobs.

Medical Jobs
The hottest job titles in this group are:
Nurse GS-0610
Medical Officer GS-0602

White Collar Positions
Nurse salaries range from $33,000 to $90,000 or more. Medical officers, almost all of whom are physicians, earn salaries ranging from $70,000 to $190,000 or more. Many openings occur in the U.S. and a large number are also open abroad. Qualifications for health care practitioners follow well-document professional standards for the specialization. Requirements for executive positions for both nurses and physicians include the following:

- Ability to manage, supervise, advise and or negotiate with technical and professional supervisors and senior management officials, both Federal and private sector, on a wide range of program areas as well as nursing services.
- Ability to develop, manage and improve the quality and effectiveness of a health care program.
- Skill in oral and written presentation including the ability to address a wide variety of diverse groups in matters that are sensitive and controversial.
- Supervisory skills including selecting, motivating, training, evaluating and disciplining subordinate staff.

Administrative Jobs
Salaries for positions in the Administrative Group range from $35,000 to $150,000 or more. The positions occur throughout the U.S. and abroad. Following are typical qualifications for many jobs in the Administrative Group:

- Expert knowledge of program management disciplines such as planning, scheduling, budgeting, and tracking programs and projects.
- Strong management and leadership skills and experience in managing contractor personnel.
- Strong knowledge in relevant functional domains, e.g. organizational change movement, acquisition, policy and budget processes.
- Demonstrated ability to multi-task, change focus quickly, and adjust work habits and schedules to meet mission requirements.
- Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, including the ability to think strategically, identify requirements, and develop recommendations.
- Excellent representational, oral and written communication skills including the ability to clearly convey complex information to all levels of management.

Computer Jobs
The hot occupation in the computer field is IT Specialist GS-2210. Salaries range from $31,000 to $155,000. Duties for one position are described below:

- Administers the COMPUSEC Program and protects Information Technology (IT) assets against unauthorized, accidental, or deliberate modification, disclosure, and destruction of data. Administers the Network Security Program. Implements procedures to ensure protection of information transmitted to the installation, among organizations on the installation.

Clerical & Support Group
Salaries for positions in the Clerical & Support Group range from $25,000 to $50,000 or more. The positions occur throughout the U.S. and abroad. Some of the higher paying positions do not require written exams. However the entry level positions usually do require an exam. Exams are often given by the Agency offering the job.

The following qualifications are typical of many jobs in the Clerical & Support Group:

- In-depth knowledge of proper English grammar, spelling and punctuation, required formats and familiarity with scientific and engineering terminology.
- Comprehensive knowledge of correspondence and administrative procedures, practices, and policies.
-Knowledge of serviced organization's substantive programs, sufficient to direct callers, visitors and correspondence to appropriated staff members, to answer non-technical inquiries and to review outgoing documents for administrative adequacy.
- Knowledge of the priorities, commitments, policies and goals of the supervisor and serviced staff to perform such tasks as scheduling appointments and reviewing outgoing correspondence for administrative adequacy.

Management & Program Group
The hot job in this group is Program Analyst GS-0343. Salaries range from $46,000 to $185,000 or more. Here are the duties for one mid-level position

- As a Management Analyst you will be responsible for reviewing and reporting on workload levels throughout the Engineering and Construction Division, as well as creating charts and graphs depicting workload levels. You will conduct workforce analysis to assess and improve the development and execution of workload processes.

General Business and Industry Group
Duties, salaries and qualifications vary widely in the group depending on job titles. Some of the Job Titles that open regularly include:

- Property Management
- Plant Manager
- Lender Relations Specialist
- Business Support Specialist

Contracting positions (GS-1102) opens regularly with many Agencies. Typical salaries range from $31,000 to $136,000.
Below is a typical duties descriptions:

- Evaluates bids or proposals for compliance with specifications or purchase descriptions and applicable clauses. Considers financial capability and the responsibility of suppliers by evaluating contract performance on previous contracts. Meets with commercial representatives to discuss procurement needs, quality of items or services, current market prices, or delivery schedules. Procures supplies or services primarily through formal advertising, or through use of negotiation techniques.

Personnel Management
The hot job title in this group is Personnel Management (GS-0201). Actual job title varies by position but is usually HR Specialist. Salaries range from $36,000 to $155,000. Some typical duties include:

- Provide accurate and timely guidance to requests for information received from various inquirers.
- Reviews changes in legislation and DOD and higher level component policies.
- Serve as System Analysts/Manager with responsibility for operation, maintenance, and management of the automated system for military personnel
- Exercises technical responsibility for the personnel data system management, and applies data systems skills and practical knowledge of personnel management.

Law Enforcement
The hottest job in the law enforcement group is (GS-1802) Compliance Inspection and Support. Salaries range from $38,000 to $79,000. Duties for one such position are listed as follows:

- Conducts record checks
- Reviews a variety of records for suitability and personnel security purposes.
- Prepares Reports of Investigation summarizing information and stating pertinent facts.
- Assists investigators who are conducting personnel background investigations for security clearance and/or suitability for employment.

How To Apply
Candidates may search for suitable openings in any of the occupation groups described above on this website

The vacancy announcement for any job will indicate which application form the Agency prefers. Often a Federal resume is acceptable. Federal resumes are now accepted by almost all Agencies.


Hot Job Titles
Accounting Group
The hot Accounting group includes these job titles:
GS-0512 Internal Revenue Agent
GS-0510 Accounting
GS-0560 Budget Analysis
GS-0501 Financial Administration and Program

Administrative Group
GS-0301 Admin and Program
GS-0343 Management and Program Analysis
GS-1101 General Business and Industry
GS-1102 Contracting
GS-0340 Program Management and Marketing
GS-2005 Supply Clerical and Tech
GS-0346 Logistics Management

Clerical Group
GS-0303 Miscellaneous Clerk/Asst
GS-0318 Secretary
GS-2005 Supply Clerical and Tech

Computer Group
GS-2210 Information Tech Specialist

Education Group
GS-1710 Education & Training Tech

Engineering, Environment
GS-0801 General Engineering
GS-0802 Engineering Technician

Law Enforcement
GS-1801 General Inspection, Investigation, Compliance
GS-0080 Security Administration

Math, Science
GS-0401 General Biological Science
GS-0462 Forestry Technician

GS-0602 Medical Officer
GS-0610 Nurse
GS-0620 Practical Nurse
GS-0660 Pharmacist
GS-0640 Health Aid and Technician
GS-0679 Medical Clerk
GS-0603 Physicians Assistant

Personnel Management
GS-0201 Personnel Management