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Financial Professionals In Demand at Treasury's OCC

The OCC supervises more than 2,000 national banks and federal savings associations and about 50 federal branches and agencies of foreign banks in the United States.

The Department of the Treasury's Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's (OCC) primary mission is to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks and federal savings associations. The OCC also supervise the federal branches and agencies of foreign banks. Its goal in supervising banks and federal savings associations is to ensure that they operate in a safe and sound manner and in compliance with laws requiring fair treatment of their customers and fair access to credit and financial products. The Comptroller of the Currency is the administrator of the federal banking system and chief officer of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The OCC supervises more than 2,000 national banks and federal savings associations and about 50 federal branches and agencies of foreign banks in the United States. These institutions comprise nearly two-thirds of the assets of the commercial banking system. The Comptroller also is a director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and NeighborWorks® America.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the OCC has four district offices plus an office in London to supervise the international activities of national banks. The OCC's nationwide staff of bank examiners conducts on-site reviews of national banks and federal savings associations (or federal thrifts) and provides sustained supervision of these institutions’ operations. Examiners analyze loan and investment portfolios, funds management, capital, earnings, liquidity, and sensitivity to market risk for all national banks and federal thrifts, and compliance with consumer banking laws for national banks and thrifts with less than $10 billion in assets. They review internal controls, internal and external audit, and compliance with law. They also evaluate management's ability to identify and control risk.

In regulating national banks and federal thrifts, the OCC has the power to:

• Examine the national banks and federal thrifts.
• Approve or deny applications for new charters, branches, capital, or other changes in corporate or banking structure.
• Take supervisory actions against national banks and federal thrifts that do not comply with laws and regulations or that otherwise engage in unsound practices. Remove officers and directors, negotiate agreements to change banking practices, and issue cease and desist orders as well as civil money penalties.
• Issue rules and regulations, legal interpretations, and corporate decisions governing investments, lending, and other practices.

A Great Place to Work
The OCC is consistently included on the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government. Among similar Agencies it ranks in the top 10 percent overall and ranks near the very top for diversity, family friendly culture, and pay and benefits.

A job with the OCC is an opportunity to make a real difference in one of the nation's most important economic sectors. As an OCC employee, you play a key role in …

• ensuring the safety and soundness of America's national banking system.
• providing fair access and equal treatment to financial services.
• establishing and maintaining a flexible regulatory framework that allows America's banks to be competitive.

Occupations In Demand
The following are some of the occupations that open regularly with the OCC.

Accountant Policy Advisor NB-0510
Bank Examiner NB-0570
Financial Analyst NB-1160
Financial Economist NB-0110
IT Specialist NB-2210

Open Jobs
Jobs in the OCC tend to open and close quickly. Two to three weeks is a typical time period for a position to remain open. The job descriptions below are examples of the kind of vacancies that occur regularly. These particular positions may close rapidly. However, additional jobs of a similar nature are expected to open in these fields in the upcoming weeks and months in either the OCC or other Agencies within the Treasury.

Senior Policy Accountant (NB-0510) -06- $83,200-$154,600 per year
Research and respond to accounting questions submitted by OCC personnel, bankers, public accountants and other regulatory Agencies. Provides on-site assistance on bank examinations requiring accounting expertise. Handles routine accounting and fundamental reporting questions directly, and consults with senior staff on precedent setting issues or formal accounting opinions

Bank Examiner (NB-0570) -07-$109,242-$203,082 per year
Oversee supervisory efforts that involve complex issues and present a high level of risk to large banks. Plan, organize, schedule, and lead activities that may include the supervision of assigned staff. Assist the EIC in developing quarterly risk assessments and supervisory strategies of the bank including plans to effect corrective action(s) and programs to monitor progress.

Financial Analyst (NB-1160) -07-$109,242-$203,082 per year
Develops methods for analyzing time series data and analytical tools to identify trends and developments in the financial services industry. Develops early warning and monitoring systems to identify potential risks to banks and trends relating to individual and/or groups of banks.

Financial Economist (NB-0110) -05/06 $83,591 - $182,428 per year
Conducts on-site and off-site bank-specific analyses of risk measurement systems and quantitative valuation and decision models in the relevant business context. Develops analytical models relating to these topics. These analyses and models assist in the development of the bank-specific supervisory strategies. Initiates research projects to facilitate the development and understanding of new techniques for risk measurement and credit scoring.

IT Specialist (NB-2210) -04/05 $55,727-$144,312 per year
Operate, monitor, troubleshoot, install, configure, and maintain SharePoint farms. Update design and configuration artifacts when needed. Follow OCC processes and SharePoint governance plan to plan, coordinate, document, monitor, implement, and test solution packages and vendor updates.

How To Apply
Candidates interested in any of the new jobs should scan this website for current openings.

Interested candidates may also visit the following website:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Dept of the Treasury