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Agencies Need Accountants
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Government Spending

Government spending accounts for some 25% of total U.S. spending. When Agencies pay their bills, money flows into the economy.

Many jobs open for Accounting Technicians, Accountants, IT Specialists, Criminal Investigators, Secretaries and other professional and support personnel.

The faster government Agencies pay their bills, the faster that money flows into the pockets of businesses and individuals to help the economy. Government bills are not small. The Federal Government spends billions of dollars a day, so its payments are a major source of liquidity.

Occupations In Demand
The task of dispersing Federal funds is enormous. For example, just one Agency, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, now cuts thousands of checks per day.

The personnel needed to account for and pay these bills include the following positions all of which open regularly:

Accountants GS-0510
Account Techs GS-0525
Contract Specialists GS-1102
Criminal Investigators GS-1811
Financial Techs GS-0503
Financial Analysts GS-0501
Financial Specialist GS-0501
Financial Systems Spec GS-0501
IT Specialists GS-2210
Military Pay Technician GS-0545
Program Analysts GS-0301
Office Automation Assts GS-0326
Secretary GS-0318
Voucher Examiner GS-0540

The occupations above now account for over 1000 current openings. Many Agencies list openings. Among those with the most openings are:
Dept of Defense
Dept of Veterans Affairs
Dept of Treasury
Dept of Homeland Security
Dept of Agriculture
Dept of Justice

Duties and Qualifications
Below are descriptions of some of the positions now open and the qualifications needed.

Following is a description for a recent opening with the U.S. Army: Incumbent evaluates accounting and financial management data necessary for proper internal controls and financial management reporting and advises the commander on the adequacy of organizational financial and management control processes.

Qualifications for accountants vary with the level of the job. At the base level accountants qualify with a Bachelor degree in accounting, business or finance that includes 24 semester hours of accounting plus one year of experience. Additional experience qualifies at high levels.

Accounting/Financial Technicians
Duties for a recent opening are: Incumbents perform detailed review, monitoring, record maintenance, and document/data processing work relative to an extraordinarily high volume of travel authorizations, travel vouchers for CDP staff members and responder students, and payment vouchers for contractors and vendors that provide services to the CDP. Receive a variety of travel authorizations and vouchers with responsibility for examination and verification of documents ensuring completeness and accuracy of all information.

At entry level one year of general work experience which includes responsible clerical experience qualifies or a full performance level 2 years of education above high school or two years of related work experience qualifies. A Bachelorís degree qualifies candidates for the position with no experience or, the candidate may qualify at the full performance level with one year of job experience that provides a basic understanding of accounting systems, policies, and procedures regarding the examination, verification and maintenance of accounts and accounting data. Qualifying experience may also include verifying the accuracy and completeness of accounting data, entering data into the system and taking a trial balance.

Financial Specialists
Financial Specialists analyze and evaluate financial management processes in the areas of payroll, commercial pay, travel, disbursing, and analyzing financial records. Work may also include financial systems analysis, consultation and development.

Duties for a recent position with Veterans Affairs were described as: "Incumbent will be performing all reimbursable medical billing...Ensuring that all billable cases are identified and bills are generated...Coordinating completion of forms with patients, providers and administrative staff."

At base level one year of related experience qualifies. Following is a job description from a recent opening: Administers the financial aspects of a grant portfolio ensuring the accountability of the appropriate use of Federal funds awarded to CPD grantees within an assigned CPD jurisdiction. Reviews new applications, grantee performance reports, financial documents, requisitions, amendments, grant documents, financial reporting statements and other documents for financial compliance, with CPD program regulations, applicable Federal Management Circulars and Headquarters Office memos.

IT Specialists
Candidates for IT positions qualify with a Masterís degree in computer science. Also qualifying is job experience that provided a thorough working knowledge of the systems and services used in the automated acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, assurance, or reception of accounting and financial information.

Voucher Examiners
Voucher Examiners provide advice and assistance to vendor representatives in resolving difficult or controversial payment problems. They also notify vendors of payment discrepancies, control and process credit receipts and vendor payment credit memorandums. Research and analyze overpayment transactions to vendors to identify source of error.

One year of related experience qualifies Voucher Examiners. Related experience is experience in examination for accuracy, adequacy of documentation, compliance with regulations, or justification of vouchers, invoices, claims and other requests; accurately making and verifying arithmetical computations and adjustments; transcribing facts and figures on a variety of supporting documents and forms. Four years of post-high school education also qualifies.

Criminal Investigators
Not all bills sent to government Agencies are legitimate. Many Agencies employ Criminal Investigators to suppress fraudulent claims. A Criminal Investigator working within a financial organization plans, organizes, and conducts complex investigations of violations of the Federal Acquisition Regulations and other law. Applicants should have knowledge of criminal investigative principles and techniques, such as interviewing, interrogating, searching for evidence and analyzing documented data for conciseness and conclusiveness in order to establish the interrelationship of facts and/or evidence during the course of investigations.

Secretaries perform some or all of the following duties. They ensure that all classified materials are properly receipted and controlled. They initiate and prepare routine administrative correspondence as well as maintain office files. Secretaries maintain supervisorís calendar and schedule appointments. They make all travel arrangements, prepare and consolidate time and attendance data. They receive all telephone calls and visitors to the office.

Applicants for the Secretary position must be able to type 40 words per minute. Entry level applicants must have one year of general work experience to qualify. At the journeyman level they need, in addition, one year of work experience as a secretary performing some or all of the duties described above.

How To Apply
Candidates should scan this site for jobs at all levels. The full vacancy announcement for any job of interest can be obtained on this website. Information on job openings in the disbursements and accounting fields can also be obtained directly on Agency websites. See below.

Dept of Agriculture

Dept of Defense

Dept of Homeland Security

Dept of Justice

Dept of the Treasury

Dept of Veterans Affairs