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TSA Offers Wide Variety of Career Opportunities Nationwide

TSA continuously needs Airport Screeners and Security Specialists.

The TSA also hires many support personnel in white and blue collar positions.

The current list of Federal vacancies includes some 90 openings for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The TSA is comprised of nearly 50,000 security officers, inspectors, air marshals and managers who protect the nation's transportation systems by screening for explosives at checkpoints in airports, inspecting rail cars, patrolling subways with law enforcement partners, and working to make all modes of transportation safe.

The TSA offers, the stability of a government job, competitive pay and benefits, career growth opportunities, workforce diversity, and a fast-paced work environment.

Career Areas at TSA
At present the TSA advertises these broad areas of employment:
• Law Enforcement & Federal Air Marshal Service Careers
• Airport Security Careers
• Veterans' Outreach
• TSA Resident Program
• TSA Intern Program
• New Horizons Career Evolution Program

Airport Security Jobs
These jobs may include actual screening jobs working with travelers, or working behind the scenes.

Transportation Security Officers
The main job working with travelers is Airport Screener, officially called Transportation Security Officer (SV-1802) , $29,1321-$43,697. Transportation Security Officers have a major presence at airports big and small. Some TSO's are trained in explosive detection methods as well as physical and electronic screening techniques.

The duties for this job include: Operating screening equipment to identify dangerous objects in baggage, cargo and on passengers, and preventing those objects from being transported onto aircraft; performing searches, to include hand-wand and pat-down searches; controlling terminal entry and exit points; interacting with the public, giving directions and responding to inquiries; maintaining focus and awareness while working in a stressful environment which includes noise from alarms, machinery and people, crowd distractions, time pressure, and disruptive and angry passengers, in order to preserve the professional ability to identify and locate potentially life threatening or mass destruction devices, and to make effective decisions in both crisis and routine situations.. These jobs open and close quickly. At any given time screener jobs are open at 5 to 10 locations. The TSA continues to build and maintain its airport screener workforce. However, screeners are only part of the TSA organization. Candidates interested in these jobs should visit this site regularly :

Transportation Security Specialist
A related position that opens regularly with the TSA is Transportation Security Specialist (SV-1801) Security Specialists conduct regulatory inspections/investigations and support criminal investigations related to alleged or suspected security violations; identify, collecting, and preserve evidence used to support enforcement actions.

Federal Air Marshall
The most prominent law enforcement position at the TSA is Federal Air Marshal (SV-1801) . At this writing no jobs are open for Marshals. Candidates interested in a Marshal position should regularly check this page .

Managerial/Professional Positions
The administrative functions at the TSA are managed by a large cadre of management, administrative and professional positions. These include HR Specialists, Secretaries and professionals with more direct responsibility for security. All of these positions open and close quickly. Interested candidates should check the TSA's page regularly.

How To Apply for All TSA Jobs
Candidates should scan this website for current vacancies. For additional information visit:

TSA Careers   •