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Hiring Continues in Intelligence and Security to Protect Commercial Shipping, Cyberspace and High-Risk Cities

Entry level jobs in security start at $31,315. Senior level positions to $172,500.

Openings occurring both nationwide and overseas.

Past budgets have addressed several initiatives. Regarding travel and trade, The Dept of Homeland Security has commented, “The Budget enables DHS to do even more, expanding membership in CBP’s trusted traveler programs by an anticipated 25 percent in the past, making more than 2.5 million of the traveling public eligible for expedited screening in the future.”

On the subject of cyber security the DHS says, “Past Budgets have supported initiatives to secure the Nation’s information systems and defend against evolving cyber threats to the Nation’s critical information infrastructure, including Federal civilian networks and systems. The Budget includes enhancements to Federal Network Security to directly reduce cybersecurity risk in key Federal Agencies while improving information sharing with the private sector and increasing the capacity of the MS-ISAC to support state and local stakeholders. “

Regarding transforming the disaster workforce, the DHS comments, “The Budget supports the Reservist Workforce, FEMA Corps, the DHS Surge Capacity Force, Incident Management Assistance Teams, and other

Occupations of Interest
These initiatives have resulted in over a hundred vacancy announcements advertising professional and support positions.

Intelligence Specialists (GS-0132), and Intelligence Aids (GS-0134), are among those needed. Also needed are Security Specialists (GS-0080). Both Intelligence and Security operations require support personnel such as Security Clerk & Assistant (GS-0086).

Many Agencies Hiring
Many Agencies, other than the well-known CIA and FBI, are hiring in the intelligence and counter-terrorist fields as well as in support and administrative jobs. Some eleven other Agencies hire in these occupations regularly. See list below.

Agencies Hiring Intelligence Officers, Specialists & Aides
Following is a list of Agencies that regularly hire in the Intelligence field.

Defense Finance & Accounting Svc
Defense Intelligence Agency
Dept of Air Force
Dept of Energy
Dept of Homeland Security
Dept of Justice
Dept of Navy
Dept of State
Dept of Treasury
Dept of Army
Veterans Affairs

The present list of Federal Vacancies includes over 60 in the Intelligence Series alone. Most announcements cover multiple openings. Intelligence is the single occupation with the most new hires in the battle against terrorism. However, the range of professional occupations related to the anti-terror campaign is quite broad. See below.

Job Titles Recruited Regularly
by Intelligence Agencies
Applied Research Psychologists
Chemical Warfare Analysts
Computer Scientists
Criminal Investigators
Imagery Analysts
Information Security Specialists
Information Threat Analysts
Political Analysts
Security Protective Officers
Telecommunications Systems Officers

In addition to professional occupations the range of administrative and support jobs in anti-terror work is broader still. These include virtually all of the support positions in the Administrative, Managerial and Clerical occupation series.

Jobs for Intelligence Specialists
Following is a summary of the occupations at the center of the battle against terrorism-- Intelligence Specialist and Security Series

Job Titles In Intelligence Series
Competitive Service
GS-0132 Intelligence Ops Specialist
GS-0132 Intelligence Research Spec
GS-0134 Intelligence Aid and Clerk

Excepted Service
GS-0132 Intelligence Ops Officer
GS-0132 Intelligence Research Officer

Job Titles In Security Series
GS-0080 Security Administration
GS-0086 Security Clerk and Assistant
GS-0085 Security Guard

Job Descriptions
The GS-0132 series includes positions concerned with advising on, administering, supervising, or performing intelligence work. Intelligence work is officially defined as the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of information on political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific, or military conditions in foreign and domestic areas which directly or indirectly affect the national security. These positions require a basic knowledge and understanding of one or more of the natural or social sciences, engineering, or military science.

The distinction between Intelligence Officers, Intelligence Specialists and Clerks and Aides is that Officers plan and direct, Specialists operate. Aides and Clerks support the activities of both Officers and Specialists.

Entry To Top Level
A current opening with the Army covers aides and support personnel. The qualifications include 1 year of specialized experience which entails, “...using a variety of office automation programs and software such as databases, spreadsheets, graphics, email, web operations etc.” Most starting salaries for support personnel in the intelligence series range from $31,628 to $73,917.

Top jobs for Intelligence Specialist pay in excess of $157,100 annually. Duties for a current position as an Intelligence Specialist (GS-0132) that pays up to $74,678 include, “Assists a Senior higher-graded Intelligence Officer Operations Specialist in providing timely and accurate operational intelligence support and fully trained intelligence personnel during peacetime and contingency operations.”

A current opening with the National Protection and Programs Directorate for a Security Specialist, GS-0080, that pays up to $115,742 reads, "plan and conduct bombing prevention activities to deter, prevent, detect, protect against and enhance the response to explosive attacks.”

Job Location
Jobs are located worldwide with most in the U.S. Many Intelligence Specialist positions require relocation. A current job announcement contains this notice: “...if you accept an offer, you will be required to sign an agreement indicating your willingness to relocate either during or upon completion of your training program.”

How To Apply
Because of the sensitive nature of intelligence work, all applicants must undergo security background and medical evaluations as well as a polygraph exam.

Applicants should also look on the website for positions under Intelligence GS-0132 and GS-0134 and for Assistants under GS-0080 , GS-0086 and so on for all of the occupations listed above. Direct application to the Intelligence Agencies is also an effective hiring pathway. Candidates should check the websites given below as well.

Air Force Civilian Service

Army Civilian Service

Defense Finance & Accounting

Defense Intelligence Agency

Dept of Energy

Dept of Homeland Security

Dept of Justice

Dept of Navy

Dept of State

Dept of Treasury

Dept of Veterans Affairs