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Department of Transportation Hiring in Wide Variety of Positions

In response to the Administration’s emphasis on infrastructure maintenance and improvement, the Dept of Transportation is hiring in large numbers.

Transportation includes 11 Agencies and offers a wide range of job openings nationwide at all levels.

With the fiscal cliff issue resolved for now, Federal spending is proceeding normally. The maintenance and improvement of the nation's transportation systems is one of the budget items that receives wide bi-partisan support in Congress. As a result, funding for transportation infrastructure continues to flow to the Agencies managing those programs.

As of this writing the Department of Transportation has posted some 291 openings to the current list of vacancies. Some of these listings cover multiple openings. Both white and blue collar jobs are vacant in many geographic areas. Among the white collar jobs there are technical, professional, administrative and support positions listed.

The Department of Transportation cites its interest in recruiting people with a sincere interest in transportation issues. Its career website states, “...we’re looking for motivated people with new ideas – people who want to make a difference – to ensure our transportation system continues to lead the world...”

Agencies Within Transportation
The Department consists of 11 different Agencies which cover a wide range of activities and correspondingly a broad range of occupations. Each Agency has many offices throughout the U.S. These Agencies are:

Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Maritime Administration
National Highway Traffic Safety Admin
Office of the Secretary of Transportation
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

Jobs Now In Demand
Following is a sample of the various jobs that are open now or that open regularly in the most active of the many Agencies within Transportation.

The Federal Aviation Administration controls the nation’s skies and otherwise regulates all aspects of civil aviation in the country.

The following describes a recent job opening with the FAA: Electronics Technician FV-0856-H $57,651 to $89,359. Duties include: Performs highly specialized technical work associated with analyzing, designing, developing, installing, repairing, fabricating, maintaining, modifying, or evaluating the most complex systems for which the FAA is responsible.

The Federal Highway Administration provides financial and technical support to state and local governments for constructing, improving, and preserving the highway system.

The following describes an opening with the FHA: Program Manager GS-0340-15/15 $114,872 to $157,100. Duties include: Provide leadership and guidance to State and local officials in the identification of surface transportation needs and related priorities in carrying out national transportation program goals.

The purpose of the Federal Railroad Administration is to promote rail safety and conduct research and development in support of improved railroad efficiency. The FRA is a leader in the development of intermodal transportation (containers shipped by sea, rail and road).

The following describes an opening with the FRA: General Engineer GS-0801-12/14 $75,621 to $138,136. Duties include: Investigating the methods of construction, repair, testing, qualification, and manufacture of specification containers able to transport hazardous materials, with special emphasis on railroad tank cars, so as to determine compliance with existing regulations, specifications, and the need for changes in the specifications and/or qualification/re-qualification methods and procedures.

The Maritime Administration also promotes intermodal transportation. It regulates and enhances shipping, shipbuilding, port operations, vessel operations, national security, environment, and safety. It is also charged with maintaining the health and education of mariners current and future.

The following is a recent opening with the MMA. High Voltage Electrical Worker WG-2810-08/08. $19.19 to $22.39 per hour. Duties include: Works safely and properly to operate high voltage Visi Vac Vacuum Switches, power distribution centers, control power transformers, electrical and mechanical lock out devices, time over current relays, instantaneous ground sensors, ground monitor relays and all other electrical components associated with these types of electrical systems.

The Office of the Secretary of Transportation oversees the formulation of national transportation policy and promotes intermodal transportation. Other responsibilities range from negotiation and implementation of international transportation agreements, assuring the fitness of US airlines, enforcing airline consumer protection regulations, issuance of regulations to prevent alcohol and illegal drug misuse in transportation systems and preparing transportation legislation.

Following is an opening with the OST. Civil Rights Analyst GS-0160-11 $63,091 to $82,019. Duties include: Conduct research, both legal and factual, in the area of employment and analyze factors that may lead to the identification of discrimination in employment and in access to federally-funded program activities.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a very focused mission: to ensure that hazardous materials are transported safely by pipeline, airplane, train, boat, or on the nation's streets and highways.

Following is a recent opening with the PHMSA. General Engineer GS- 0801-12/13 $69,497 to $107,434 Duties include: Conducts safety program reviews and provides engineering analyses and evaluations of potential pipeline safety regulatory deficiencies.

The St Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation was created to construct, operate and maintain that part of the St. Lawrence Seaway between the Port of Montreal and Lake Erie, within the territorial limits of the United States. Trade development functions aim to enhance Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System utilization without respect to territorial or geographic limits.

Following is an opening with the SLSDC. Electrician WG-2805-10. $28.47 to $31.47 per hour. Duties include: Performs assignments involving the installation, inspection, testing, repair or maintenance of motors, switches, outlets, grounds, circuit breakers, transformers, heating and ventilating equipment, traffic signals, navigation lights and other electrical equipment associated with the Saint Lawrence Seaway facilities.

How To Apply
Candidates interested in any of the occupations cited above should check this website.

Interested candidates may also visit the following DOT websites.

Office of the Secretary of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Highway Administration

Federal Railroad Administration

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

St Lawrence Seaway Development Corp

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin

Maritime Administration

Federal Transit Administration

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology