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Virtually All Agencies Continue to Hire in High Priority Positions Despite Sequester

Agencies directly linked to national security and justice still hiring in substantial numbers.

Homeland Security, Justice and Defense are still among Agencies hiring at or near pre-sequester levels.

The effects of the budget sequester are under debate. Some observers believe the sequester has minimal impact on personnel actions. Some law makers say sequestration for the Pentagon should be ended. Senator Lindsey Graham said, "If we don't replace the cuts in sequestration, we're going to compromise our ability to be successful against ISIL and other emerging threats."

Other observers believe, that especially over time, the sequester will result in reduced hiring at many Agencies.

Apply While Vacancies Are Still Open
Whatever scenario may apply, job candidates are well advised to apply for current openings sooner rather than later. A review of vacancies in the Department of Defense the Department (DOD) with the largest share of Federal workers, shows that 4981 are now open. However, many of these close within week or so. The number of vacancies in DOD and other Agencies will probably decline over time, if the sequester continues.

The Agencies with high priority missions will likely continue to hire regardless of the sequester. Agencies that have continued hiring during past budget crises are Homeland Security, Justice and Defense. However, every Agency has positions critical to its mission. If the Agency is to function well, these critical jobs must be maintained. As a result virtually all Agencies will continue hiring albeit at reduced levels.

Current Openings at
Homeland Security
At this writing Homeland Security has posted 363 vacancies to the current Federal job list. Some of these positions cover vacancies with multiple openings at numerous locations. Openings exist at Homeland Security for both professional and support level positions.

The following jobs are open with Homeland Security at this writing:
Transportation Security Officer GS-1802 $30,894
Contract Specialist GS-1102 $52,146
IT Specialist GS-2210 $82,642
Program Analyst GS-0343 $89,924
Law Enforcement Specialist GS-1801 $82,642

Current Openings at Justice
Justice has posted 88 jobs to the current vacancy list. The positions are widely dispersed geographically. Some announcements cover multiple openings and locations.

The following positions are open with Justice at this writing:
Accountant GS-0510 $82,642
Administrative Specialist GS-0301 $41,512
Budget Analyst GS-0560 $47,923
Correctional Officer GS-0007 $49,520
Education Specialist GS-1701 $44,403
HR Officer GS-0201 $57,982
Legal Administrative Specialist GS-0901 $47,923
Maintenance Mechanic WG-4749 $35.13/hr
Paralegal Specialist GS-0950 $52,146
Secretary GS-0318 $43,389
Telecommunication Specialist GS-0391 $39,179

Current Openings At Defense
Defense is expected to be the Department most affected by the sequester simply because it is by far the largest. Over 30% of all Federal employees work for a Defense Agency. However, as of this writing there are currently over 4,500 job openings at DoD.

Following are just a few positions with Defense open at this writing.
Budget Analyst GS-0560 $82,642
Business Manager GS-0301 $89,924
Computer Assistant GS-0335 $50,778
Custodial Worker WG-3566 $11.37/hr
Electrician WG-2805 $20.64/hr
Engineering Technician GS-0802 $60,877
General Engineer GS-0801 $106,263
Program Analyst GS-0343 $97,333
Social Worker GS-0185 $78,355

How to Apply
Candidates interested in any of the occupations listed above can scan this website for openings.

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