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Defense Commissary Agency Has Wide Range of Openings

Most openings are at military installations in the U.S. and overseas.

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) is hiring in a variety of occupations. As of this writing there are over 90 job openings throughout the world, the majority of which are in the U.S.

DeCA Mission
The mission of the Defense Commissary Agency includes the following:
• Provide an exciting shopping experience
• Satisfy patron demand for quality grocery and household products
• Deliver exceptional savings while enhancing quality of life
• Foster recruitment, retention and readiness and
• Support war fighters’ peace of mind, knowing their families have secure and affordable access to American products

The Defense Commissary Agency has its headquarters at Fort Lee, VA and operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing groceries to military personnel, retirees and their families.

Most Common Career Types
The following are some of the most common career openings with the DeCA.
• Store Associate GS-1101
• Food Service Worker WG-7408
• Sales Store Checker GS-2091
• Store Worker WG-6914
• Teller GS-0530
• Commissary Support Clerk GS-0303
• Materials Handler WG-6907

Store Associates work independently or as part of a team with routine commissary tasks. These may include: assisting customers with prices or location. Operating an electronic checkout system (cash register), and making correct change. Perform a variety of duties involved in the handling, preparing, and maintaining of stock levels of grocery and produce items. Place stock on shelves or display counters. Participate in receiving, storing, pricing, and displaying fruit, vegetable, working supplies and equipment.

Food Service Workers serve as delicatessen/assistant, help in the preparation, presentation and serving of specialty meats, delicacies, preserved foods, cheeses, salads, breads and sweets to patrons. Incumbents prepare food displays in counter cases and other display units, answer customer questions about specialty foods.

Sales Store Checkers operate an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) cash register coupled with a scanning system and scale and/or a stand-alone register system to record unit prices, proper accounts (subsistence, meat, produce and sensitive items), purchase totals, surcharge and change and scan items.

Commissary Support Clerks carry out a variety of common miscellaneous clerical and assistance assignments typically found at the individual store level. Incumbents receive merchandise requisitions and place merchandise orders accordingly, posting orders to an automated register for merchandise order tracking; verify that the order register reflects balances and adjustments; process a variety of accounting documents including but not limited to Report of Deposit, Vendor Credit Memorandums, charge account requests, and dishonored checks.

Tellers control and account for all funds received and deposited daily as part of normal commissary store operations. Incumbents prepare cash register trays for Sales Store Checkers; maintain established balance of currency on hand for store operations; verify sales receipts and money collected to ensure cash register trays balance, compile all forms of monetary payments received for deposit; process all forms of monetary payment methods, refunds and exchanges, and collection of funds; apply cash accountability control methods when handling cash items and obtain, clarify, and provide information related to the accounting and depositing of funds.

Store Workers perform a variety of duties involved in the handling, marking, preparing, and maintaining of stock levels of grocery items. Incumbents ensure adequate amount of products are stocked on the shelves throughout the business day. Incumbents will arrange products on shelves and displays in a neat and orderly manner; rotate stock on basis of age and freshness, ensuring that newer items are placed behind the older items.

Materials Handler are responsible for receiving, unloading, and processing incoming shipments of items arriving via various modes of transportation. Incumbent will assemble items, grouping material according to receiving vouchers and, as necessary, into subgroups based on property class, condition, and type of transaction. Incumbent will store, stack, and palletize items based on precedent and/or established procedures. Incumbent will use handcarts, dollies, forklifts, and other manual and automated equipment to move stock.

Other Jobs that Open Regularly
DeCA also hires the following positions on a regular basis:
• Produce Manager GS-1144
• Grocery Manager GS-1144
• Commissary Officer GS-1144

How To Apply
Candidates should scan this website for current vacancies. Interested candidates should also visit the DeCA's website . •