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Audit Agency Posts
Various Vacancies

Many Auditors and Office Automation Assistants among those needed.

The latest list of Federal openings includes some 65 vacancy announcements for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) throughout the nation.

The most frequently listed jobs are for Auditor positions. Other positions that are recruited throughout the year are Purchasing Agent and Secretary.

The Agency's Mission
On its website the DCAA states,“The Defense Contract Audit Agency, DCAA, performs all necessary contract audits for the Department of Defense and provides accounting and financial advisory services regarding contracts and subcontracts to all DoD Components. These services are provided in connection with negotiation, administration, and settlement of contracts and subcontracts to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent on fair and reasonable contract prices. The DCAA provides contract audit services to other Federal agencies as appropriate.”

Following are job descriptions of several of the most numerous jobs.

Auditor (GS-0510)
A current vacancy announcement for Auditor reads as follows: "Reviews standard audit programs, audit steps, previous work papers, reports, other guidance materials, and drafts routine and pro forma audit reports or segments of reports and covering audit steps performed, including findings and conclusions, in accordance with previous reports and agency procedures. Maintains audit working papers including preparation of schedules, summaries, and reconciliations as instructed or appropriate.”

Security Specialist (GS-0080)
The Agency describes this job as follows. “Supports Security Access Program, prepares program access requests (PARs) obtaining access to classified and sensitive security program. Monitors PAR process and suspended actions. Creates reports and statistical data to facilitate the review process. Serves as FD Customer Liaison for sensitive compartmented information (SCI) and Special Access programs (SAP).”

Secretary (GS-0318)
The Agency describes this job as follows. “Receives visitors and telephone calls. Monitors and screens all incoming correspondence. Types and edits letters, memoranda, studies, reports, etc. from handwritten or rough drafts, marked-up copy and oral instructions into final, error-free copy. Provides various administrative support functions such as making travel arrangements, processing vouchers, processing mail, file management, and telephone coverage.”

Office Automation Assistant (GS-0326)
A current vacancy announcement for this position reads as follows: "Produces audit reports and other documents using word processing software functions while working from handwritten draft, edited copy or electronic files. Ensures documents are in proper format and verifies spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Stores, retrieves, and prints a variety of documents to include those requiring complex formats as graphics, tables or spreadsheets within text. Verifies arithmetical accuracy of schedules and exhibits prior to and after typing audit reports. Reproduces, assembles and distributes complete audit reports and attachments."

How to Apply
Candidates should check this site for current openings and apply directly to the Agency or visit the Agency's website . •