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Dept of State Recruiting Security Specialists and Auditors

Foreign Affairs Officers are also among those needed.

As of this writing the Dept of State has 70 openings listed. Positions that open and close on a regular basis include the following:
• Auditor GS-0511
• Foreign Affairs Officer GS-0130
• Security Specialists GS-0080

Careers at the State Department
The U.S. Department of State is the leading foreign affairs Agency responsible for formulating, representing and implementing U.S. foreign policy overseas.

The Department's recruitment literature declares that civil service employees at the U.S. Department of State help transform societies into stronger democracies and full partners in the international community. State's website says that its employees experience extraordinary careers as they work in the Department's Washington, D.C. headquarters location, or other cities throughout the United States.

The Department's work is conducted throughout every country across the globe. It has over 265 embassies, consulates and missions on all continents.

The Department has 26 annex buildings in the Washington, D.C. area. Career opportunities are available in other locations throughout the United States

Job Duties
The duties of the various open positions are as follows:
Auditors duties include: Perform auditing assignments on the team by applying conventional procedures and practices. Assist higher-graded team members in conducting analysis to detect the existence of fraud, waste, and/or mismanagement in Department or Broadcasting Board of Governors financial or line operations. Gather and evaluates data to help determine the degree of effectiveness of management and/or accounting systems. Develop flow charts on pertinent narrative and statistical data and be reviewing, analyzing, and extracting pertinent data from files and reports. Participate in writing portions of draft reports and in proofreading those reports.

Foreign Affairs Officers monitor and engage in developments across the U.N. system as they relate to business and human rights, human rights and education, and mercenaries and private military security contractors. Advance U.S. foreign policy, improvements to U.S. processes and approaches. Provide responses to requests from congressional offices and the private sector and U.N. officials as needed. Draft U.S. policy statements, talking points and other interventions for delivery at the U.N. Human Rights Council, U.N. General Assembly Third Committee and other multilateral bodies. Serve as the liaison preparing requests for U.S. participation in U.N. conferences. Manage travel and attends various intra/interagency forums as a representative.

Security Specialists analyze Intelligence Community (IC) directives which govern the protection of intelligence information including Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). Reviews National Intelligence policies and procedures to ensure the protection of SCI within DOS or provided to private industry. Develop implementing policies and procedures for the Department of State’s compliance.

Other jobs regularly recruited by the State Department are:
Interior Designer, GS-1008
Public Affairs Specialist, GS-1035
Secretary, GS-0318

Interior Designers lead and direct design of interior environments within residential facilities that promote the Department’s mission of diplomatic interaction with host nations and support the intelligence, military, law enforcement, and economic interests of diverse populations; promote employee productivity; and ensure the health and welfare of the residential building occupants and the general public. Influence new residential construction during all phases, applying user requirements and analyzing systems, materials, and furnishing to ensure they are appropriate to the host country culture, environmental conditions, economy, and workforce.

Public Affairs Specialists perform a range of duties associated with managing the public diplomacy work at a post; Serve as public diplomacy advisor to the Chief of Mission, assisting the Ambassador in the development of US Policies and programs for the host country. Assess impact on US interests of developments in the host country, collects information and writes regularly scheduled and special reports analyzing and interpreting developments which are or may be of interest to the USG; Speak on behalf of the Department of State to the media, private groups and others as necessary; Monitor domestic and/or international media sources to provide regular and urgent reports to Department officials as necessary.

Secretary work assignments include: - Reviewing Division Chief's incoming correspondence and forwarding it with necessary information or instructions to the appropriate personnel for action. Reviewing outgoing correspondence and documents, composing correspondence based on regulations and office procedures. Screening visitors and telephone calls, directing contacts to staff members as needed. Following up on telephone conversations and outstanding issues and taking appropriate steps to ensure necessary action is initiated in a timely manner.

Application Procedures
Candidates should scan this site for current vacancies. In addition, applicants may obtain a list of current vacancies by visiting the Department of State website .