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Forest Service Hiring in Many Occupations

The Forest Service has nationwide openings in professional and other occupations.

There are currently 234 job vacancies in the U.S. Forest Service. These cover a wide range of positions, such as Forestry Technicians, Customer Service Representatives and Range Technicians.

The mission of the USDA Forest Service is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations national forests and grasslands which encompass 193 million acres throughout the country.

Forestry Technician
Most announcements are for Forestry Technician positions (GS-0462) and are open continuously and located throughout the United States. These are temporary positions with varying work schedules and may include weekend work. Some positions may have irregular and protracted hours. Tours of duty include full-time or less than full-time work. Considerable travel may be required. Some jobs may lead to permanent work. A current opening for Forestry Technician/Aviation Dispatcher (GS-0462) from the Forest Service lists duties as follows:
“Forestry Aids and Technicians collect forest and woodland management data regarding location, character, extent, volume, rate of growth, and quality of timber. They inspect and report on timber sale areas to determine compliance with contract requirements. They mark and designate timber to be removed in timber sales or for use disposals. They must be on call for emergency fire suppression and mop up work.”

Contract Specialist
A current opening for Contract Specialist (GS-1102) from the Forest Service lists duties as follows:
"Perform pre-award contract activities; develop contracting plan, contractor resourcing, and interface with various user groups (engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, transportation, municipal services, natural resources and others as necessary) in support of preparation of RFPs/IFBs; manage solicitation process including pre-bid meetings/job-walks, bid evaluation/analysis and price negotiations, award recommendations, and contract execution and coordinate negotiation of contract terms and conditions."

Range Technician
A current opening for Range Technician (GS-0455) from the Forest Service lists duties as follows:
"The Range Technician (Monitoring) works under the supervision and guidance of professional range and natural resource specialists to provide technical support and assistance in range conservation, range management and range improvement. In addition to serving as a crew member or crew lead for specific projects, the specific duties are: implementing and coordinating Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) procedures; inputting and extracting data for reporting, planning and analysis; completing range condition and trend studies, utilization, actual use, climatological and other allotment evaluation studies; ensuring stipulation compliance for grazing permits and leases; assisting in grazing lease and permit preparation and range administration; assisting with automated billing, updating case files and allotment files; and preparing range transfer documents."

Other Jobs
Other jobs with the Forest Service that open and close on a regular basis along with their general job descriptions are:

Foresters assist in development of annual harvesting plans which requires evaluation and consideration of sales designs, layout of sales compartment, safety and conservation matters, fire protection, and effect on reforestation or stand improvements.

Fire Management Officer  plans, develops, implements, coordinates and evaluates an integrated fire management program to achieve resource management objectives.

Human Resources Officer develops and implements broad guidelines and regulations to resolve complex, novel, and systemic problems that impact employment policies or practices throughout the units serviced. Provides leadership and monitors the human resources programs and operations to ensure recognition of emerging problems and prompt response to management needs. Performs supervisory duties, including planning the work to be accomplished by the unit, assigning work to employees, and establishing production or quality standards for the unit’s work.

How to Apply
Applicants may visit the individual regions for job announcements or visit:

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