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Park Rangers Needed to Protect Our National Parks

Several Agencies have current openings. Average salary $30,000+ before overtime.

The work of Park Rangers varies considerably from park to park depending on factors such as the nature of the park and the current functions that need to be performed. The current list of openings includes some 45 jobs for Park Rangers (GS-0025). Openings are with the Department of Defense, Bureau of Land Management and Army Corps of Engineers.

Job Description
Park Rangers supervise, manage, and/or perform work in the conservation and use of Federal park resources. This involves functions such as park conservation; natural, historical, and cultural resource management; and the development and operation of interpretive and recreational programs for the benefit of the visiting public. Duties characteristically include: forest and structural fire control; protection of property from natural or visitor related depredation; dissemination to visitors of general, historical, or scientific information; folk art and craft demonstrations; control of traffic and visitor use of facilities; enforcement of laws and regulations; investigation of violations, trespass/encroachment, and complaints accident prevention; search and rescue missions; and management activities related to resources such as wildlife, lakeshores, seashores, forests, historic buildings, battlefields, archeological properties, and recreation areas.

A current vacancy announcement for Park Ranger lists the duties as follows:
“Advise visitors concerning safety, fire prevention, and proper and authorized use of recreational facilities; develop and conduct interpretive talks and guided tour programs; inspect facilities and check for compliance with rules and regulations; collect cash receipts (user fees) and deposits in a designated depository; prepare displays for postings on project bulletin boards; conduct on-foot and motorized patrols of project land and water ways; investigate stream pollution due to logging, mining and manufacturing processes, etc.”

To qualify at the GS-2 level applicants need to have a high school diploma or the equivalent and 6 months of experience.

Candidates applying at the GS-3 level need 1 year above high school with 6 semester hours of related course work, 6 months of general experience and 3 months of specialized experience

To qualify at the GS-4 level applicants must have 2 years above high school with 12 semester hours of related course work 6 months of general experience and 6 months of specialized experience

Candidates applying at the GS-5 level need a 4-year course of study above high school leading to a Bachelor's degree with 24 semester hours of related course work and 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-4 level.

Specialized experience involves technical, administrative, or scientific work, fish and wildlife management, recreation management, law enforcement, or other similarly-related work performed in Federal multiple purpose lands, such as parks, refuges, historical/cultural sites, recreation areas, etc.

Examples of qualifying specialized experience include, but are not limited to: park guide or tour leader; law enforcement or investigative work; archeological or historical preservation research work; forestry and/or fire management work in a park, recreation, or conservation area; or management, assistant, or program specialist work involving the development and implementation of policy related to protection, conservation, or management of park areas or similar operations.

While most Park Rangers are paid an annual salary anywhere from $41,187 through $96,970, Park Rangers with the Forest Service and National Park Service are paid on an hourly basis between $12.74 and $19.74.

How to Apply
Candidates should check this website for current Park Ranger (GS-0025) openings.

Candidates may also visit the Agencies websites for job openings at:
Army Corps of Engineers

Bureau of Land Management

Dept of Defense