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Sales Store Clerk Positions Open A substantial demand for Sales Store Clerks exists throughout U.

Accounting Techs Needed

A demand for Accounting Technicians and Clerks has developed at several Agencies.

The current list of job vacancies contains some 37 postings for Accounting Technicians and Clerks. Some may represent multiple openings. Job listings have been posted by the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Veterans Affairs.

The position of Accounting Technician (GS-0525) can be a major path for those seeking entry into and advancement within the clerical field. Many of these are transfers from other job titles in the clerical series, such as Clerk/Typist, Payroll Clerk, Voucher Clerk and Budget Clerk. Salaries can range from $21,672 - $48,566

Job Description
Accounting Technicians perform work such as maintaining, balancing, and reconciling accounting records and preparing and verifying accounting statements and reports. The following is taken from a current vacancy announcement for this position:

“As an Accounting Technician, you will serve as the primary official customer service point of contact for all customers of the Commands Uniform Business Office (UBO). You will also provide technical information regarding account status of outstanding receivables; investigate patient complaints and take the necessary steps for correction; provide clarification of policies and established procedures to achieve patient satisfaction and ensure proper account balances are achieved.”

At the GS-4 level, applicants may be required to take and pass the Federal clerical exam, plus have two years of education above high school or one year of general clerical experience. Often, however, candidates are hired on the basis of their resumes without having to take the written exam.

Applicants at the GS-5 level and above should have two years of general clerical experience plus at least one year of specialized experience which might include: analyzing, classifying or recording data, balancing or examining accounts or analyzing accounting data.

One half of an academic year above high school can be substituted for each full year of specialized experience provided that it includes accounting or bookkeeping and other business related courses.

Job titles in the private sector which might provide qualifying experience include bookkeeper, bank teller, and accounting technician, as well as other private sector jobs that provide a basic knowledge of accounting systems.

Clerical Exam
GS-1-4 candidates may be required to take the clerical exam. The exam is given by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In many cases the exam is also administered by the Agencies with the job openings. Candidates below GS-5 should also search the job listings for a suitable opening and then contact the Agency with the job opening. The Agency may direct the candidate to the OPM to take the test, or, the Agency may administer the test itself.

A passing score on the test is 75. However, candidates may need to score as high as 90 to be competitive depending on the job market in the area. In some areas candidates are scarce and a lower score may be sufficient.

How To Apply
Candidates should scan this site for Accounting Technician and Clerk (GS-0525) positions.

Candidates may also visit the following:

Dept of Homeland Security

Dept of Veterans Affairs

Dept of Justice