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Machinists Wanted by Defense Installations Nationwide

Repair mechanics are needed to service vehicles used in construction, combat, ship loading and fire fighting.

Machinists (WG-3414) continue to be in demand. Currently there are 26 postings with multiple openings for Machinists. These postings are with the Army, Air Force and the Navy. Although most openings occur at Department of Defense installations, other Agencies also recruit Machinists.

Average annual salaries are based upon basic rates of pay excluding overtime, premium pay or cost of living allowances if applicable. Salaries for all Wage Grade or blue-collar positions are based on the local salary rates for similar positions within a given geographic area. They range from $21.01 - $39.47 per hour.

A current announcement from the Army lists the duties as: "The primary purpose of this position is to perform machining operations and welding to accomplish the manufacture and repair of aircraft components, tools, equipment, parts, and special tools. It requires the use of a variety of conventional, non-conventional, and/or computer numerical control machine tools and equipment. Also included in this position are some minor tool making duties. There is a requirement to periodically fabricate tools and jigs, but only for the specific purpose of carrying out duties in the manufacture and repair of aircraft components."

Most Machinists are hired at the WG-8/10 level i.e., top level journeyman. To perform the duties at that level, candidates should have a knowledge of the machinability of various metals and the proper tools needed to produce the required cuts and surfaces on each material. Applicants must also have skill in planning and laying out work from blueprints and sketches and the ability to apply shop mathematics and handbook formulas to establish needed dimensions. Candidates for these positions must be able to lift objects between 10 and 40 pounds on a regular basis and be able to endure frequent standing, stooping, bending and reaching.

Application Procedures
Candidates should scan this site for current Machinists (WG-3414) vacancies.

First time applicants have a better chance of being hired if they pursue part-time or temporary positions, as Agencies may be more likely to announce these types of jobs. Once hired, employees should maintain frequent contact with their supervisors in an effort to secure full-time employment in the future.

Candidates who live within commuting distance of Department of Defense installations should contact those personnel offices directly to inquire about current vacancies. Callers may be told initially that a temporary hiring freeze is in effect, which means that the installation has temporarily reached its employment ceiling and as soon as a vacancy occurs, hiring will resume. Frequent contact should be maintained, therefore, as positions open and close quickly. Having an acquaintance or relative who works at one of these installations and can keep an eye open for job vacancies is an excellent method for learning about openings.

Candidates may also visit the Agencies websites at:

Dept of the Navy

Army Civilian Service

Air Force Civilian Service