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Electronics Mechanics Needed by Military Installations

Defense installations are hiring. Salaries can go as high as $45.83 for supervisor positions.

Electronics Mechanics (WG-2604) continue to be needed at Federal Agencies. Currently there are some 51 vacancies open nationwide. Some of these are for multiple openings. The Army, Air Force and Navy are currently hiring.

Hourly Salary
Electronics Mechanics are paid on an hourly basis. The salary for Electronics Mechanics is between $19.93 and $43.51 per hour depending on location and nature of work. Electronics Mechanics employed by the Federal Government work mostly at military bases throughout the United States and abroad.

Job Requirements
Electronics Mechanics require knowledge of the practical applications of electronics principles, the ability to recognize improper operation, locate the cause, and determine the best method to correct defects and the skills needed to disassemble, re-assemble, and adjust electronic equipment.

Following is an excerpt from one typical vacancy announcement from the U.S. Air Force.

“The purpose of the position is to plan, implement, deliver, and maintain information technology systems to satisfy all customers operational needs utilizing a vast array of computer, network, and communications solutions. The position also works with the acquisition, operations, technical acceptance, installation, testing, modification, and replacement of information technology equipment, services, and systems to support base organizations' missions.”

Veterans Get Preference
Many jobs in the Federal Government, including Electronics Mechanics, are reserved for Veterans Preference applicants. Veterans can be hired directly by applying to the facility’s personnel office under the Veterans Readjustment Appointment Act (VRA) or by using their eligibility as Veterans Preference applicants. If no vets are eligible then non-vets may be hired for the position.

Jobs Available Throughout the U.S.
Electronics Mechanic jobs are open throughout the U.S. at major military bases in many different states. Once established Electronics Mechanics have opportunities to transfer throughout the world.

How to Apply
Many Electronics Mechanic jobs are filled by part-time and intermittent workers. Taking these positions is often an important strategic step toward obtaining a permanent, full-time position in the future.

Applicants for Electronics Mechanic positions stand the best chance of getting hired, if they pursue either part-time or temporary positions. Agencies are more likely to offer first-time applicants part-time or temporary jobs than full-time positions. Part-time and temporary vacancies are also more frequently announced than full-time openings. Once hired new employees should maintain good relationships with their supervisors in an effort to secure full-time jobs in the future.

Candidates should scan this site for current Electronics Mechanics (WG-2604) vacancies. In addition, candidates who live near military bases should keep informed of job openings by checking with Agency personnel offices or local newspapers. Vacancies sometimes remain open for only a week.

Candidates may also visit the Agencies websites at:
Army Civilian Service

Dept of the Navy

Air Force Civilian Service