Do you know which
Federal jobs you qualify for?

The FJD Matching Service identifies
the Federal Job Titles and Grade
Levels that match your background.

You may be qualified for many Federal Job Titles you are not aware of.

Here’s why:

  • Many Federal Job Titles are confusing. Do you qualify as a Special Agent Commerce, Civil Rights Analyst, Support Services Specialist?
    You may well find that you do.

  • Many Federal Job Titles sound high level, but aren’t.
    Examples are
    Environmental Protection Assistant, or Exhibits Specialist.

  • On the other hand many Federal Job Titles may seem to be at a lower level than they are.
    For example, in Federal service
    Secretary can be a senior level executive position.

The Matching Service matches your
background to Federal job requirements

Send us your resume. We will analyze it thoroughly and creatively.
This will be no machine analysis. A senior level Federal Examiner with 25 years experience will actually sit down with your resume and carefully review it.

Based on his recommendations we will send you:

  • A list of Federal Job Titles and Grade Levels the expert believes you qualify for
  • The official full description and qualifications for each Job Title recommended by the expert

The Service may recommend at least one, and quite possibly more than one Job Title
to you depending on your background.

Gateway to A Great Career

The cost is $35 including matching service and 3 month free FJD online subscription.
Compare this to a career that could last for the rest of your work life.

Federal employment means a secure job no matter what the stock market does, competitive compensation, and great benefits including 13 paid holidays, 21 vacation days, a long-term leave bank, flexible hours, and when its all over retirement at up to 80% of your salary.
All this for a job helping people.

Just send us your resume or Federal application form by email.
Then give us 2 to 4 weeks to do the work.

Please email to to register for the Matching Service!