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Give Your Clients This Valuable Aid To Finding A
Secure, Well-Compensated Federal Job.
An indispensable job-hunting tool for:
  • Professionals
  • White Collar Workers
  • Blue collar workers
  • Veterans and non-veterans
  • Spouses returning to work
  • Long-time unemployed
  • Older workers
  • Disabled workers
  • Students
  • Welfare Recipients
Federal Jobs Digest includes:
  • Recent Federal job news
  • Expert advice on how to land these jobs
  • Over 10,000 job listings in each issue
  • All states and regions covered
  • Complete application instructions for each job
  • All occupations
  • Jobs for all ages, career levels
  • Overseas jobs
  • Student internships
  • References application websites
Government remains one of the few sectors of our economy still hiring. In fact, the Federal government is making over 30,000 new hires a month. Hiring occurs in every county in the US, in over 5,000 different occupations, at all career levels and ages. The Federal Jobs Digest, America's Federal Employment Newspaper Since 1977, can help your clients land these jobs.

User Friendly Format

Federal job information is available on the internet. However, many job seekers find the Federal Jobs Digest, FJD, to be a friendlier source for that information. This is because the FJD:
  • Is a very easy-to-use online edition 
  • Presents all pertinent information in an easy-to-understand blurb
  • Is organized geographically for quick reference

A Job For All Your Clients

The editors select job news for inclusion in FJD online that are appropriate for a broad spectrum of library clients.

Application Advice

The Federal hiring process is daunting to most job seekers. Special forms, procedures and formats complicate the process. The FJD helps your clients navigate this labyrinth by providing:
  • A job listing format that clearly identifies appropriate mail addresses, phone numbers, email and website addresses
  • A clear explanation of hiring and eligibility rules per job
  • Explicit directions on where and how to apply
  • Access to appropriate application websites when electronic submission is preferred
  • Expert advice on writing resumes and completing application forms

Inexpensive Reference Tool

If you do not already subscribe, please add this valuable resource to your employment or periodical center. It is only $95 per year for 25 bi-weekly issues. You can order direct or through your subscription Agent. We are available through: Ebsco, Cox, Swets, et al.


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