Compensation & Benefits

  • $50,000+ income.
  • 26 days vacation.
  • 13 holidays.
  • 13 sick days.
  • Federal Employees Health Benefits.
  • Federal Retirement Pension + Social Security.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Pre-tax flexible spending account.
  • Job security.
  • Transferability throughout U.S.


  • No education requirements.
  • No skill requirements.
  • No age requirements.
  • Must pass test.

Index for Clerical, Secretarial, Contact Sales Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-0312 Clerk-Stenographer and Reporter (none)
*GS-0322 Clerk-Typist (none)
*GS-0319 Closed Microphone Reporting 1
*GS-0357 Coding (none)
*GS-0335 Computer Clerk and Assistant 10
*GS-0332 Computer Operation (none)
*GS-0962 Contact/Sales Representative 16
*GS-0309 Correspondence Clerk 1
*GS-0356 Data Transcriber 4
*GS-0359 Electric Accounting Machine Operation (none)
*GS-0362 Electric Accounting Machine Project Planner (none)
*GS-0350 Equipment Operator 1
*GS-0304 Information Receptionist 2
*GS-0305 Mail and File 16
*GS-0344 Management Clerical and Assistance 44
*GS-0302 Messenger (none)
*GS-0303 Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant 384
*GS-0326 Office Automation Clerical/Assistance 16
*GS-0351 Printing Clerical (none)
*GS-2091 Sales Store Clerical 47
*GS-0318 Secretary 116
*GS-0382 Telephone Operating 5
*GS-0385 Teletypist (none)

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