Index for Law Enforcement, Fire Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-1854 Alcohol, Tobacco , Firearms Inspection (none)
*GS-1896 Border Patrol Agent 12
*GS-1802 Compliance Inspection and Support 70
*GS-1862 Consumer Safety Inspection 16
*GS-0006 Correctional Institution Administration 14
*GS-0007 Correctional Officer 38
*GS-1811 Criminal Investigating 27
*GS-1897 Customs Aid (none)
*GS-1894 Customs Entry and Liquidating 1
*GS-1890 Customs Inspection (none)
*GS-1884 Customs Patrol Officer (none)
*GS-1895 Customs Warehouse Officer 11
*GS-0072 Fingerprint Identification 1
*GS-0081 Fire Protection and Prevention 20
*GS-1812 Game Law Enforcement (none)
*GS-1801 General Inspection, Investigation, Compliance 98
*GS-1810 General Investigating 4
*GS-1816 Immigration Inspection (none)
*GS-1889 Import Specialist 2
*GS-1899 Investigation Student Trainee 3
*GS-1803 Investigative Assistant (none)
*GS-1822 Mine Safety and Health 5
*GS-0084 Nuclear Material Courier 1
*GS-0025 Park Ranger 69
*GS-0083 Police 45
*GS-1864 Public Health Quarantine Inspection (none)
*GS-0080 Security Administration 60
*GS-0086 Security Clerical and Assistant 10
*GS-0085 Security Guard 17
*GS-0082 United States Marshal (none)

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