Index for Information Arts Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-1421 Archives Technician 5
*GS-1420 Archivist 2
*GS-1056 Art Specialist 1
*GS-1071 Audio-Visual Production 5
*GS-1371 Cartographic Technician 3
*GS-1370 Cartography (none)
*GS-1087 Editorial Assistance 1
*GS-1010 Exhibits Specialist (none)
*GS-1048 Foreign Language Broadcasting (none)
*GS-1001 General Arts and Information 18
*GS-1020 Illustrating (none)
*GS-1099 Information and Arts Student Trainee 3
*GS-0134 Intelligence Aid and Clerk (none)
*GS-0132 Intelligence Specialist Operations/Research 59
*GS-1008 Interior Design 1
*GS-1046 Language Clerical (none)
*GS-1040 Language Specialist 2
*GS-1410 Librarian 6
*GS-1499 Library and Archives Student Trainee 1
*GS-1411 Library Technician 7
*GS-1073 Motion Picture Projectionist (none)
*GS-1015 Museum Curator 1
*GS-1016 Museum Specialist and Technician 5
*GS-1051 Music Specialist (none)
*GS-1021 Office Drafting (none)
*GS-1060 Photography (none)
*GS-1035 Public Affairs 33
*GS-1091 Supervisory Sales Store Checker (none)
*GS-1412 Technical Information Services 7
*GS-1083 Technical Writing and Editing 3
*GS-1054 Theater Specialist 1
*GS-1084 Visual Information 11
*GS-1082 Writing and Editing 10

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