Index for Education, Foreign Affairs Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-1702 Education and Training Technician 114
*GS-1720 Education Program 3
*GS-1730 Education Research 1
*GS-1740 Education Services 11
*GS-1799 Education Student Trainee (none)
*GS-1710 Educational and Vocational Training 14
*GS-0130 Foreign Affairs Specialist 9
*GS-0135 Foreign Agricultural Affairs (none)
*GS-1701 General Education and Training 43
*GS-0493 Home Economics (none)
*GS-1750 Instructional Systems 10
*GS-0134 Intelligence Aid and Clerk (none)
*GS-0132 Intelligence Specialist Operations/Research 59
*GS-0136 International Cooperation (none)
*GS-0131 International Relations Specialist (none)
*GS-1725 Public Health Educator (none)
*GS-1712 Training Instruction 31
*GS-1715 Training Instruction 2

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