Index for Transportation, Aviation Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-0861 Aerospace Engineering 19
*GS-2183 Air Navigation 3
*GS-1815 Air Safety Investigating (none)
*GS-2154 Air Traffic Assistance 6
*GS-2152 Air Traffic Control 66
*GS-2181 Aircraft Operation 29
*GS-2185 Aircrew Technician 4
*GS-1825 Aviation Safety 18
*GS-2144 Cargo Scheduling (none)
*GS-2151 Dispatching 33
*GS-2131 Freight Rate 2
*GS-2125 Highway Safety 3
*GS-2161 Marine Cargo (none)
*GS-2123 Motor Carrier Safety (none)
*GS-2121 Railroad Safety 8
*GS-0873 Ship Surveying (none)
*GS-2130 Traffic Management 3
*GS-2134 Transportation Assistant (none)
*GS-2102 Transportation Clerk and Assistant 19
*GS-2110 Transportation Industry Analysis 1
*GS-2135 Transportation Loss-Damage Claims Examiner 1
*GS-2150 Transportation Operations 5
*GS-2111 Transportation Rate & Tariff Examining (none)
*GS-2101 Transportation Specialist 40
*GS-2199 Transportation Student Trainee 1
*GS-2132 Travel (none)

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