Compensation & Benefits

  • $50,000+ income.
  • 26 days vacation.
  • 13 holidays.
  • 13 sick days.
  • Federal Employees Health Benefits.
  • Federal Retirement Pension + Social Security.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Pre-tax flexible spending account.
  • Job security.
  • Transferability throughout U.S.


  • No education requirements.
  • No skill requirements.
  • No age requirements.
  • Must pass test.

Index for Miscellaneous Jobs

Job Series Job Title # of Listings Today
*GS-1981 Agricultural Commodity Aid (none)
*GS-1980 Agricultural Commodity Grading 8
*GS-1630 Cemetery Administration (none)
*GS-0060 Chaplain 11
*GS-0062 Clothing Design (none)
*GS-0020 Community Planning (none)
*GS-0021 Community Planning Technician (none)
*GS-2030 Distribution Facilities & Storage Management 4
*GS-0029 Environmental Protection Assistant (none)
*GS-0028 Environmental Protection Specialist 15
*GS-1699 Equipment and Facilities Management Student Trainee 1
*GS-1670 Equipment Specialist 13
*GS-1640 Facility Management 17
*GS-0050 Funeral Directing (none)
*GS-1601 General Facilities and Equipment 15
*GS-0099 General Student Trainee 20
*GS-2001 General Supply 26
*GS-0090 Guide and Assistant 19
*GS-2010 Inventory Management 7
*GS-1658 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Plant Management 1
*GS-0023 Outdoor Recreation Planning 1
*GS-2032 Packaging (none)
*GS-1654 Printing Management 3
*GS-1910 Quality Assurance 36
*GS-1999 Quality Inspection Student Trainee (none)
*GS-2091 Sales Store Clerical 47
*GS-0030 Sports Specialist 5
*GS-1667 Steward 7
*GS-2050 Supply Cataloging (none)
*GS-2005 Supply Clerical and Technician 86
*GS-2003 Supply Program Management 17
*GS-2099 Supply Student Trainee (none)

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