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Client Satisfaction

"I just wanted to let you know that the job that I had the resume written for has been offered to me.  I am in the process of all the beginning paperwork to get started…"
Tracey L, Family Counseling

"Wanted to give you some feedback. I got the Communications Assistant job in Communications Dept. I have recommended you to 3 different people here and wanted to give you a heads up that they may be calling…"
DiAnne J, Information Specialist

"Thanks for all your help. I start with the Marshall's office Nov 3rd…"
Daniel D, Fire Fighter

"I emailed my first resume out to a manager and he called me five minutes later I couldn't believe it!..."
Lisa G, Industry Specialist

Jobs by CityJobs by Occupation
Afton 1
Aladdin 1
Buffalo 11
Casper 16
Cheyenne 12
Cody 10
Douglas 1
Elk Mountain 1
Fort Washakie 17
Gillette 2
Kemmerer 6
Lander 11
Laramie 1
Moose 2
Newcastle 2
Pinedale 7
Powell 1
Rawlins 16
Riverton 3
Rock Springs 15
Sheridan 1
Warren Afb 32
Wheatland 1
Wind River 1
Worland 14
Yellowstone National Park 2
Throughout WY
Accounting 1
Admin and Program 1
Administrative & Office Support Student Trainee 1
Biological Science Student Trainee 2
Biological Technician 5
Business and Industry Student Trainee 2
Compliance Inspection and Support 5
Contracting 1
Criminal Investigating 1
Dental Assistant 1
Dietitian and Nutritionist 1
Engineering Equipment Operating 1
Engineering and Architecture Student Trainee 1
Financial Clerical and Assistance 1
Forestry Technician 5
General Biological Science 1
General Business and Industry 2
General Health Science 1
Health System Specialist 1
Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic 1
Industrial Hygiene 1
Information Technologist Specialist 2
Laboring 1
Legal Clerk and Technician 1
Maintenance Mechanic 1
Management and Program Analysis 1
Materials Handler 1
Meatcutting 8
Medical Officer 3
Medical Record Technician 1
Medical Technician 1
Medical Technologist 5
Mine Safety and Health 1
Motor Vehicle Operating 1
Nurse 7
Optometrist 2
Park Ranger 1
Pharmacist 2
Pharmacy Technician 1
Physicians Assistant 3
Powered Support Systems Mechanic 1
Practical Nurse 1
Quality Assurance 1
Range Technician 10
Sales Store Clerical 2
Social Science Aid and Technician 1
Social Services Aid and Assistant 1
Store Working 2
Utility Systems Operating 1