Why You Didn’t Get the Job

27 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

When you’re looking for a job, you’re under a lot of pressure. Both from yourself and your unpaid bills. So when you don’t get called for an interview … or when you’re interviewed but not hired, it can be stressful. You can go crazy wondering why you didn’t get the job. It’s okay to be … Read more

What to Bring to a Job Interview

13 Things to Bring to a Job Interview

Landing a job interview is pretty exciting. Congratulations! Buy yourself something nice to celebrate. Nothing too expensive – you don’t have the job yet! Double-check the time and place of your interview. Plan to get there an hour early, allowing for traffic and emergencies. You might still be unclear on what to bring to a … Read more

how to Get a Job Fast

13 Tips to Get a Job Fast

Job-hunting is never fun. Especially when you have bills to pay. So the sooner you can find a new source of income, the better. But you don’t want to rush the process and end up signing a bad contract. You still have to carefully vet job offers and ensure the terms are friendly. The longer … Read more

How to Get a Job at Google

15 Tips On How to Get a Job at Google

In the stock-trading world, they’re known as the FANGs – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. They’re highly successful tech companies, both economically and culturally. Between them, they rule the Western World, and much of the Eastern World too. Everybody wants to work there. Fortunately, it’s not just IT people that can get jobs at Google. You … Read more

how to Make a Resume for First Job

11 Tips to Make a Resume for First Job

Writing your resume can be a daunting task at any stage in your career. It makes you evaluate yourself, and that can be a jarring experience. Veteran workers struggle to condense their resume, because if it’s too long, nobody will read it to the end, no matter what’s in it. But after all those years … Read more

How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job

How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job? (9 Options)

In the past, defining a part-time job was pretty simple. Part-time employees were mostly students, so they could only work limited hours given their class schedules. Young parents might also take up part-time employment during their kids’ school hours. These days it’s tricky. Often, a part-time job is just a full-time job without benefits. You’ll … Read more

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

11 Tips on “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job”

There are three questions every interviewee dreads: Tell us about yourself. Where do you see yourself in five years? Why did you leave your last job? They’re difficult questions because they form an impression. Also, they don’t have easy answers. They’re designed to show your thought process and inner character. Answering them correctly could land … Read more

Make Money Without a Job

11 Tips to Make Money Without a Job

The internet has made the world seem smaller than it is. You can access opportunities on the other side of the globe. You can speak in real-time while you’re continents apart. But there’s a downside to interconnectivity – it spills over. Whether it’s Brexit, earthquakes, or impeachment. The news spreads in minutes, and the global … Read more

how to Accept a Job Offer

11 Tips to Accept a Job Offer

We receive a lot of job-hunting advice. Everything from dressing right to Googling your interviewer. But what happens when you’ve made an impression and landed the gig? Maybe you’ve been through a series of interviews and are now at the final shortlisting stage. Or maybe you’re so talented that you’ve been accepted at multiple positions … Read more

how to Quit a Job

14 Tips to Quit a Job Gracefully

You’ve probably seen those viral articles about quitting your job in style. They’re often dramatic, hilarious … and completely contrived. Meaning someone made them up just to go viral. In other words, don’t try this at home … or at work! But what if you desperately need to quit? The professional space is far smaller … Read more