5 Easy Steps to Apply for a Post Office Jobs

Getting the kind of job at the post office isn’t as easy as a picnic on the beach. You have to meet some requirements and fill the form in the job section on the web. Once you fulfill all the conditions, you can then sit back and hope for the best.

If you want to know more, this article on how to apply for a post office jobs will guide you. Sit tight, and let’s take you step-by-step on how to apply for post office jobs online. Using the USPS application and selection process will be helpful.

What to Keep in Mind before Applying

Working at the post office requires standing on one spot for several hours. For some sections, the workers stand all day as the job requires. A Post office driver must be 18 years and above and hold a valid driving license and a clean record.

Guidelines on How to Apply for a Post Office Job

In the US, you need to understand the exact position you are applying for and their requirements. If you are in doubt, visit the website and download or print out a copy. It should contain information about how to apply for US post office jobs using the following procedures.

1. Creating an Account on the Post Office Website

Most genuine companies have websites where interested applicants can always get the information they need. Once you find the website, create an account with your name, email, username, and password.

The site will take you to a few other pages until your online profile is complete. You are required to submit accurate information and details you are sure are true.

2. Use the Search Section Carefully

Find the search section and browse through the particular job you want. The USPS provides the full list of available jobs online. You can also search for specific jobs by entering keywords limited to particular locations or job types.

The delivery and customer service are where you find the most vacancies. Other areas or positions may be open for applications. See the job descriptions section to find out more about what you are applying to get.

When you have seen a particular position, you are interested in, click the “apply” button. This action will lead you back to the profile you created at the first stage.

3. Fill the Job Application Form

To accurately fill the online form, you have to understand how to apply for postal service jobs. In this section, you will supply information about your education, experience, and relevant skills. If requested, take the time to upload your updated resume, which should include your accomplishments.

4. Take the Required Exams

Remember that every organization looks for the best candidates, even if the applications are few. Positions like handlers, mail processors, city/rural carriers, and even sales associates require you take the Postal Exam 473. Here are a few tips on how to get a post office job.

  • Arrive at the exam center on time to help you get yourself in the mood
  • Eat and rest for a while before going for the exam
  • Have a plan on the fastest route to use when going for the test. Take this point seriously by using that route days before the date
  • Try as much as possible to avoid being nervous by taking a deep breath
  • Prepare well for the exam
  • Monitor your pace for the test during your preparation time

To get selected among those who passed, you must have scored 70% and above. However, having a good score doesn’t mean you are going to get the job.

5. Attend the Postal Job Interview

Once you are done with the job test, they may ask you to come for an interview. The interviewing officer will get to know you better to see whether you’re the right candidate. The interview will assess the following aspects:

  • Your ability and style of communication
  • How adaptable and flexible you are
  • Your dependability level
  • Your perspective on cooperation in the workplace

The organization will use the results and feedback of the interview to determine your eligibility for hire. You need to be at your best during this time. You stand a chance of being hired if you follow guidelines on how to apply for post office jobs.

Mandatory Requirements for a Post Office Job

Getting a postal job isn’t something you should expect to happen immediately. The organization determines the kind of candidates that will be employed in its service. Take this down on how to apply for the post office job.

Age Matters

Anyone applying for a job must at least be 18 years old, except the organization stated otherwise on the website. There are situations whereby high school graduates are employed after they have shown evidence of having attended and finished school.

Overall Body Fitness

Health is wealth, and a post office job isn’t going to leave that out. Each candidate will have to show the ability to lift a 70 pounds weight. Eyesight and hearing ability will also be part of the fitness check.

Possession of Driver’s License

Working in a post office in the United States requires you to move around with a vehicle. That means every successful applicant must have a valid driver’s license with no serious issues with the authorities. A driving test will be conducted, and each person is expected to pass the test.

Drug and Substance Abuse

If your dream is to get a postal job, keep away from drugs and other harmful substances. How to apply for a post office jobs is more than filling the online form. The organization is committed to maintaining a drug-free environment, and you are expected to pass the test.

Registered Citizenship

Applicants seeking to work in the most postal service organization like the United States postal service, or territories under American influence, must show evidence of citizenship. Those in possession of the Green Card or hold residence status are eligible to apply. If they have the legal right to work in the US, they are protected by law to work in the country.

Suitability of Applicants

Each applicant undergoes suitability screening to determine who is eligible for the available positions. The assessment will include the following:

  • Feedback of interview
  • Relevant employment history
  • Applicable selective employment enrollment status
  • Criminal history or background check

In the United States, an organization must offer a job to an applicant before requesting for medical history. This move is backed up by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and aimed at protecting people with disabilities. Postal service personnel is required to adhere to the provisions of the Act when giving out job offers to prospective employees.

Important Tips to Follow When Applying for a Postal Job

Here are tips that will help you get that post office job you’ve been dreaming about:

  • The application process may take up to two hours. So, plan your time and don’t be in a hurry to get it over with
  • A window-based desktop is the best computer to use for online applications. Most Postal service website isn’t compatible with iPads and iPhones
  • Use browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the website
  • When you see fields marked with asterisks (*), understand that they signify that you must fill those spaces
  • Make sure your education, skills and experience match the job you are applying for
  • Create a separate document where you highlight and summarize your accomplishments
  • Attach a resume to your online profile before submitting the application

Benefits of Working in a Post Office

If you’re thinking how to apply for post office jobs 2020, look at the benefits you’re about to miss.

Health Insurance

The great benefit of being an employee of the most postal service organizations is that you get health insurance. That means 2/3 of all your health costs will be catered for by the organization. Even when you are retired, you still have your health insurance plan in place.

Life Insurance, Medicare and Social Security

Once you are hired to work at the post office, you automatically have the right to social security, Medicare, and life insurance. Families of employees also share in these package and insurance plans.

Long-Term Medical Insurance

If employees feel that the usual package doesn’t cover essential aspects of health, they may explore long-term insurance options. They will have to apply for these and sign up for long-term medical care.

Yearly Leave and Holidays

During the first 3 years, each worker is allowed to take 10 days of official holidays. Workers are also entitled to 10 days of official holidays and additional days once they’ve stayed longer with the organization.

Workers at lower positions do not enjoy the same number of leave days. Regardless of position, all post office workers receive pay for every 3 hours to protect against financial crises caused by accidents or illnesses.

Federal Retirement Program

The postal service takes part in the federal retirement program, which protects pensioners and persons with disabilities. The program is aimed at making sure that workers receive their dues no matter their age or health status.

Added to this, workers can participate in the Thrifts Savings Plan. The Plan is tax-deferred, and the USPS contributes about 5% of the funds.

Career Advancement

The USPS makes sure no one is left stagnant in the workplace. Workers can enroll in any program provided by the organization. There are provisions for career development and opportunities for those who want to launch a career in leadership.

Bottom Line

Learning how to apply for a post office jobs can be as challenging, but it’s interesting. First, create an online account and follow the instructions on the screen. By visiting the website, filling the online form with the required information, you’re on the right track.

Where to apply for post office jobs is no longer an issue. Technology has made it easier to apply for your dream job. Surely, with everything explained above, how to apply for the post office job is more comfortable and quicker as you think.